Can You See Who Liked Your YouTube Video?

So you are already searching how to see who liked your YouTube video? The majority of the folks are using YouTube on a regular basis & they are also sharing their views in the comment section also. Can you see who liked your YouTube video? There will be a not single way you will see who liked your YouTube comment or video.  This is the only platform that keeps all the dislikes & likes private for a variety of security reasons.

You will find a lot of people are getting lots of likes & comments, and they are already wondering who these are viewers.  Unfortunately, you will not be able to see who really liked your comment on YouTube & who didn't like it. 

However, every person can easily see how many likes your video actually got on YouTube.  To know who actually liked your video on YouTube then, one must read the following points carefully.

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Important Methods To Track The Likes On Your YouTube Account

There will be no right way to track the viewers who really dislike or like the YouTube account. However, one will surely receive notifications of an email whenever any person likes your YouTube account.

You will have to allow settings so one can easily get email notifications. If you want to allow setting, then one needs to pay close attention to following important steps.

·        Firstly, one should sign in to your Google account.

·        After that, you will have to tap on your user name, which is already located in the top right corner of the page.

·        You must click on the settings and email options also.

·       Make sure that you are clicking on the box for "someone subscribes to my channel." One should select the perfect option, so you will ensure that you receive notifications of an email whenever any person likes the channel.

·         Lastly, one should tap on the save changes.

Moreover, if you are completing this important setting, then you can easily get the email the next time when someone subscribes to your YouTube channel. If you are facing any problem, then you must make contact with a professional YouTube marketer who will give you important tips related to it.

Use The YouTube Analytics

YouTube analytics has one of the best ways to spot overall users liking your content. One will surely be able to access them via the menu on the creator studio easily. If you want to know, how can you see who liked your YouTube video? Then, you only need to pay attention to the following important steps.

ü  Firstly, one should open YouTube & after that one will have to complete the sign-in process to your YouTube account. After that, one must click on the account icon, which is available in the top right corner of the screen. In the drop-down menu, one will surely make access to the page of the YouTube channel.

ü  It is highly recommended that one should tap on the personalize channel button. Hence, you will automatically take into the YouTube creator studio. From here, one will surely check the interaction of the video, which has already been made.

ü  Now, one can easily check important things like who liked your comment, comments, every dislike & how many viewers have watched your videos.

ü  Smartphone users will surely download the YouTube studio application & can easily get the same details. One will also be taken to a specific page with all the information about your ssm panel, where one can easily check the metrics of the audience.

Other Methods To Supervise Likes

If you are one who is curious, then you can easily set up notifications of email on the creator studio of YouTube. Hence, one will surely get the email every single time one gets a YouTube comment or subscription.

If you want to know, how can you see who liked your YouTube video? Then you need to read the important methods carefully.

The notifications of the email will never tell the overall identify of viewers who like your videos but they are really helpful in spotting them.

Why Must You Analyze Everything?

All the interactions will surely assist you with the Algorithm of YouTube. Make sure that you are paying attention to three important things like interactions, watching time & liked videos also.

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Watch time always refer to the number of subscribers & general audience that is watching the video posts & finishing it. Better watch time will surely help you in improving the growth of your channel easily.

Bear in mind that the comment section is also considered one of the most important parts of the algorithm also. Therefore, it is your responsibility to turn on the comment section also, which is important for every person. The best comment section will always matter as much as your dislikes & likes on the platform.

Check Analytical

This has become the easiest way & common to get the proper idea of who likes or dislikes the YouTube video. The metrics are really helpful for a person because you will get to know that who like your video on YouTube. This is really important for a person because various & vast options it offers. 

Improve Watch Time

In case any viewer is watching the video for a lot of time, then it will always indicate a perfect signal. If your watch time is increasing, then one must also pay attention to the watch time graph, where one can easily get to know who liked your video on YouTube.  This means your YouTube video will surely have sufficient potential to attract & gaining a lot of people more easily.

Moving Further, improving the growth of your YouTube channel can be a challenging task for a person because one needs to check several things. Make sure that you are also paying close attention to the quality of content that will help you in attracting a lot of audience on your YouTube channel in a limited time.