How Much Time Does It Take To Get Views On Tiktok?

We all know that TikTok is the most trending application right now and people are more oriented to get viral on this application. Some does for their business and some as per their interest.


This article discusses how views on TikTok work and how long it generally takes for videos to get views. It also discusses how to increase views on videos on TikTok, including using effects that are currently trending and commenting on other videos. Let's have a look at


Tips That You Should Follow While Posting Content on TikTok:

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What is actually important?

It takes time to get views on TikTok so it is very important to post your video regularly and most importantly at the right time, as well as to use the right hashtags and effects. To gain views quickly when you have a new account, it is important to push your video and get it seen by people who are interested in your content. This will help you push the TikTok algorithm and gain more views. A brand new video will usually have fewer views than an older one, so it's important to keep pushing for likes, comments and shares.    


When you initially post a video, it's a good idea to comment on other TikTok videos that have similar topics as yours. This can help get the attention of viewers and followers who are like minded creators. It's also important to help comment on other videos in your niche and share content from other creators. With these techniques, you can increase your chances of getting on the ‘ForYou’ page and being seen by more viewers. Another working key is to use effects that will draw people's attention when they scroll through their feeds, such as stickers and filters. 


Also, when you post your videos, use hashtags and trends that are relevant to your content so that people can find it easily. If you post regularly and consistently, you can increase your chances of getting your viewers to watch your video. Furthermore, if you follow other accounts in the same niche as yours, you may get more people to follow yours as well. By keeping viewers engaged with interesting content and pushing your video out there through social media sites like Twitter or Facebook, you can bring more views to your TikToks. Additionally, bringing more followers will help ensure the longevity of your TikTok account as the TikTok algorithm cares about how many likes and comments each video gets.    

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If users are engaging with your videos and leaving likes and comments, then the algorithm will be more likely to display your video to other users. The watch time is also significant for the algorithm as it relies on how long users are watching each video for. It is possible to get views within days or weeks depending on how good your content is, the amount of followers you have, and the time you spend engaging with other users. Many users find it hard to get their view count started as they may feel their video has been stuck at that initial view count.    


However, it doesn't have to take too long for a TikTok video to get noticed and gain more views. To post a truly viral video, users should aim to make videos that are under 30 seconds as this will help keep viewers' attention. Live videos and videos that are created with hashtags such as #fyp can also help increase the likelihood of being seen by other users.  


Using the TikToks Duet feature and creating funny dialogue as a split screen can help your video get more views. Sharing already popular videos is also a great way to sweet up views. Giving your own hot take on proven content can help you piggyback on existing trends and build your own views. This is a great way to increase visibility and, in turn, get more views on Tiktok.