How To Find Out That Someone Blocked You On Instagram?

Instagram being the hype of social media has a different kind of craze between people these days….

In this article we will talk about how to find out if someone blocked you on Instagram with the help of  instagram panels.

Although, it is not some rocket science or some to get to know if someone blocked you on Instagram yet it can be explained in some or the other ways….

So, if you cannot figure out if he/she has deleted or deactivated their accounts or may have blocked you.

Therefore, that is a tough part to spot…as BLOCK is a function which has the capability of making a person invisible to the blocked person.

Moreover, if you are blocked by someone or you block someone, the person is removed from your follower list and you also stop following them.

And it becomes very hard to find the blocked person’s tags, comments and posts.

Although, there is no such function that allows a person to become aware of getting blocked, which makes tricky for to find out weather you are blocked or the account is deactivated/ deleted…but there are some ways to find out if you are blocked or not…but the reason of getting blocked though….that’s on you.

How To Know if Someone Blocked You on Instagram - YouTube

Out of which one is, try searching the username in the search section…if the name appears but you no longer follow them, the most likely the situation is that the person removed you a follower.

Next you can try, finding a comment in which they are tagged or mutual pictures with the tags, check clicking the tag…if their profile shows up and is showing the followers list and number of post yet notifying on the profile with no posts yet….umm there you find youself blocked.

Also, the username in the direct messages changes to the title of (username not found) from the name of the person…


You can look up on the web browser for the same account but make sure you are not logged into your Instagram account…

Open up preferred browser

Navigate into or the username of the account you think has blocked you in the search bar.   

If the account on searching on browser shows up and doesn’t when you search from your ID, then most likely you are blocked by the person.

Another strategy, is to see from an account of a friend… searching the name in the search bar shows in their feed but not yours, then you are blocked.

Another trick that works is making a burner Instagram and check if the person shows up…

Hence you can just text the person and ask if he/she has blocked you on Instagram…unless you are blocked from the texts too….