How To Make A Shareable Post On Facebook: The First Step In Social Media Marketing

A post can do a lot of wonders to your brand reputation. Believe it or not, many SMM panels have been utilizing inbound marketing and social media marketing. They believe that by doing so, they can have better engagement, faster ROIs, and cheaper advertisements.

Because of this many social media marketing companies have encouraged many businesses to utilize their social media platforms. By doing so, they can build a good relationship with their clients. One way of building a great relationship with your clients is by making a Facebook Post. A Facebook post can build a good relationship between you and your clients. However, how do we make our posts shareable and accessible to the public?

With this in mind, instagram panels aims to help you on how you can make your post shareable and visible among other Facebook users on the internet. Make sure that you check out the article below.

Things to Remember before posting your post

Content must be related to your brand

One of the first things that you need to remember when you want to learn how to make a post shareable is its contents. Whatever you post on your social media platform should be related to your brand. For example, if you have content about beauty products that should be related to beauty products. This way, by sharing your post, will understand what the niche of your website is.

Make sure to use hashtags as well as highly optimized pictures. This can help your brand to be more visible in public.

Double-Check if your Post is open to the public

According to, one of the common mistakes that most people in digital marketing forget is that they forgot to toggle their posts to the public. Most of the time, the visibility of the post is toggled to friends only or followers only. You need to avoid doing this. It limits your brand visibility to a certain circle only.

How to Make a Shareable Post on Facebook

Now that you know some of the important things about how to make a shareable post on Facebook, let’s proceed to the next step. Our next step is, how to make your post accessible to everyone. Make sure that you take note of the steps.

Create your Post

The first step that you should do is create a post. Like we said, your content should be related to your brand. According to, this can help boost your brand reputation on your social media platforms.

Now that you have your content, make sure to paste those in the post “Create a Post” section.

Add some Photos and Videos

Another thing that you need to remember is to add photos and videos to your social media post. This way, you can add photos and videos that are related to your brand. One of the best things about photos and videos is that it makes your post a lot more attractive to the general public.

Add some Hashtags

Hashtags play an important role as well. Hashtags can make your post a lot more visible to the public. You can research the trending hashtags. From there, you can choose which hashtags will work for your brand. 

Set your Post to Public

After putting everything on the, make sure to set your post to Public. The post visibility is located right below your user name. Tick that one and choose “Public”. That way, your post can be seen by people who have access to Facebook.

 Tap "Post"

Once everything is set, tap Post. Depending on the photos and video added, it may take a while before the whole post is fully uploaded. But once it is done, the general public can view and share your post. It is an easy marketing strategy for you and your business. And that’s how to make a shareable post on Facebook.