How To See Who Likes Your Comments On Youtube Video 2022?

People usually get a notification that someone like your comment when they comment on a YouTube video. You may think, who are the people who show love by liking the comment? Do you probably think about How to see who likes your comments on YouTube videos? If so, you are not the only one. 

In addition, YouTube permits people to comment on any kind of stuff that is available on the platform. It can be a tutorial on makeup, a song, a fun video, a dance that is trending, and a comment or like on someone else's comment.

However, some content creators turn off the comment setting in which people are not allowed to comment on that specific video. It shows that people agree with your opinion when they like your comment or may find that your comment is thoughtful, motivating, or funny.

Why is it shown someone likes your comment?

When any YouTube user likes your comment on the video, the platform notifies you by saying someone liked your comment. The comment may like by the YouTuber whose video you made a comment or anyone else who loves it. 

You Can't See Who Liked Your Comment on YouTube, but You Can See Likes

Likes on the comments are always anonymous and private. However, the channel developer can see the country's origin for dislikes and likes on the uploaded video, but the info related to likes and dislikes is not available.

Can you see who liked your comment on YouTube?

Initially, the primary purpose of designing YouTube was to entertain people with different kinds of videos such as movies, dance, music, and funny clips. But now, it has become a powerful tool for content creators to share their visions and unique ideas with people all around the world. Then, when people love the idea, they comment on that video.

Today, in the YouTube ecosystem, comments have become a natural part. So people's comment is stored in the platform's database along with their original comment ID, timestamp, comment content, video ID, and username or user ID when they comment on a video on the platform. Plus, the likes and dislikes on the video are also stored in the database as numbers.

In simple words, you can't find who likes the comment because the system doesn't store data about who likes or dislikes the comment and also doesn't store the user IDs who did the likes. Instead, it only stores the total number of likes on the comment, which you can see.

The information about like or dislike on the comment can't be available to a user. But there is one and only official way to find out who disliked or liked your comment on the YouTube video. This way is excellent for those people who are curious and eager to know How to see who likes your comments on YouTube?

  • The only official method to know who likes your comment
  • Getting the notification on email when one subscribes to your channel
  • YouTube sends you details about the individual's profile, essential information, and name if the setting is enabled
  • The next step is to tap the link which is available to view one’s profile
  • From the dropdown menu, choose the “email option”

Selecting the option where it says "someone subscribed to your channel" clarifies that the creator always gets the message of the individual who will subscribe to their channel and like their comment on the video.

To ensure that the creators of the change done to their profile are saved, they should click on the option of save changes.

It is the only way to get the information who like your comment. In addition, YouTube has different terms and conditions, unlike other social media applications. To get more details regarding social media smm panel, go with this hyperlink site.

What occurs when one makes a comment on a YouTube video?

When somebody comments on the video, it is stored in the database of the platform along with their user ID. Plus, if one response to another person's comment, other information, such as the parent comment identity, video Id, and timestamp, is also stored. But the information of the people behind down-votes or up-votes can't be captured, but if developers turn on the setting, they can see them.

How to check the YouTube video reviews on the smartphone?

The first step to view the reviews is to click on the application on your mobile phone, open the video you love, and then go to the comment section and read as much as you want. Isn't it very easy?

If needed, among the comments are sorted by date of publication or popularity: for doing this, click on the three-dotted points, which are on the top right in the commentary part, and then go for the most recent item you want.

How to turn off comments?

If you don't want that any person can comment on the video that you share on the channel and want to disable the comment setting, so you need to follow some steps.

  • Open the YouTube app on your smartphone, then click on the profile option
  • The next step is to tap on the option of YouTube Studio and open the videos in the menu
  • Click on the video's thumbnail or title where you want to turn off the comments
  • Open the “Advanced tab and click on the ratings and comments
  • Uncheck the “allow all comments” box and then click on save changes
  • By this way, you can disable the setting, and no one can comment on your post.

Final words

People can't view who liked their comment on the video, and many users, when they begin to watch the video, generally forget what they comment on in the comment section. It may require additional server resources to know when and who liked the comment. It is understandable that this information can't be visible to people because YouTube doesn't save these details to show them. However, with the help of tutorial videos, you can find out who has shown love on the comment by liking it.