Instagram - How Long Is A Reel?

Instagram reels are the most prominent way to engage & reaching your right audience. But how long every Instagram Reel must be? This platform has become a hub for video-based content & reels are continually getting the hype. The length of Instagram reels must run from 15 to 60 seconds. These short videos are grabbing the attention of users.

Instagram reels are utterly different from Instagram stories. Bear in mind that reels will never disappear after 24 hours. Reels are a little bit shorter if you are comparing them with the standard Instagram live video session. How long is a reel? It has become one of the most popular questions.

A lot of people think that long-form videos always perform exceptionally well for reach and engagement. To know more related to the Instagram reels or best smm panel then, one must read the following points properly.

Why Does The Length Of Instagram Reel Matter Always?

Instagram reel length always matters a lot for the audience. Reels are always impacting how many people are engaging with them. If you are finding the perfect length for Instagram reels, then the algorithm will surely work for your benefit.

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It means new users can easily find out your reels. Bear in mind that reels always require the proper consistency. Moreover, if you are paying attention to the length, quality of content, and consistency, then you can easily experience improvement in reach and engagement rate.

Always use genuine audio so you will able to create the reel easily. It is highly recommended that one must stick with the 9:16 aspect ratio. Make sure that you are also using creative tools such as filters, text, or camera effects.

What Should Be the Ideal Length Of Instagram Reels In 2022?

Officially, every Instagram reel must be 15 to 60 seconds long only. In a few cases, reels will surely long as long as 90 seconds. In the latest update of May, selected users have already gained access to these longer-length reels. You can also take TikTok as an example that allows videos of almost 10 minutes for users.

You can easily change the reel length as per your requirements. Every person can adjust the length to 15 to 30 seconds. All things totally depend on the preferences.

In lots of cases, the max length of Instagram reels will also go up to 90 seconds. To set up the length of your reels then, one should read the following important paragraphs carefully.

Firstly, you need to click on the Instagram app & after that, you should click on the Reels icon that is available at the bottom of the screen.

Now, one should choose the camera icon that is available on the top of the screen so you can easily reach the Instagram camera.

On the left side corner of the screen, you must click on the icon with 30 inside.

You will surely be able to select between 15, 30 & 60 seconds.

If you have already selected the right time limit, then you can easily initiate the recording & edit the reel as per your requirements.

Create Most Prominent Reels

You can also find that How long is a reel? Every Instagram creator should set the ideal length of Instagram reels. Create the most interesting and catchy reels so people can easily rewatch your reels. After that, Instagram will count the multiple views.

One will also require the people to engage your reels by sharing, liking, saving & commenting also. However, the majority of folks are improving the ranking of Instagram reels via shorter reels. This has become the most valuable strategy that will help you in attracting a significant amount of traffic to the profile.

But shorter isn't always performing exceptionally well. In case your reel lasts for 7 seconds, then it can be really challenging to offer any kind of value to the audience. Your audience will never rewatch & they will surely skip another reel.

Schedule Your Instagram Reel

Lots of software are also out there, and one should use the right one that will enable you to schedule the reels. This has become the best feature that will allow you to auto-published the reel at any time in the future.

It has become one of the most convenient methods to create consistency in a limited time. If you want to create & schedule any Instagram reel through Hootsuite, then you must read the following points properly.

Make sure that you are recording the video & editing it as per your requirements. Make sure that you are adding the effects & sounds in reels.

After that, one should save the reel into the device.

If you are using the Hootsuite, then you should click on Create icon at the top of the left-hand menu to open the composer.

One should choose an Instagram business account.

In the section of content, one must choose reels.

Now, one can easily upload the reel which you have saved to the device. One needs to upload a video that should be between 5 seconds & 90 seconds long.

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You can also add interesting captions in reels. One will be able to include Hashtags & emojis and also tag the other accounts in the caption also.

Make sure that you are also adjusting the additional settings. One will easily enable the disabled comments easily.

Moreover, Instagram is already changing the overall length of the reels. It can be challenging for almost every person to keep track of the length of videos. Creators who are easily utilizing Instagram reels can easily enhance the exposure of their accounts easily. They will surely be able to grow overall followership as a result. Since the launching of reels, Instagram has made lots of important changes to this particular feature. Length is one of them that is steadily increased over time.

The Final Verdict

Lastly, make sure that you are creating interesting Instagram reels that will surely catch the attention of the users easily. All you need to do proper planning and promote the Instagram reels properly.