SMM Planning: The Secret Behind A Successful SMM Campaign

Social Media Marketing creates an opportunity in many business. With its help, many businesses can put their names in the digital market. They were able to put many businesses on the map. However, not all Social Media Marketing usually works. Most people have different perceptions when it comes to social media marketing. Sometimes, because of their limited knowledge, they tend to do the bare minimum of social media marketing.

Because of this, YoyoMedia aims to educate many business owners when it comes to social media marketing. This way, they can help boost these businesses and teach owners how they can make effective social media marketing campaigns.

In this article and with the help of YoyoMedia, we are going to dive deep into the basics of social media marketing. We are going to talk about the SMM Planning Cycle. Aside from that, we are going to talk about what are part and not part of the SMM Planning Cycle.

What is SMM Planning?

An SMM Plan is a plan that allows organizations like the YoyoMedia to create a detailed Social Media marketing plan for a certain business. This plan contains all the detailed plans on how social media companies can help a certain business grow in terms of brand awareness. They write down all the possible actions and certain goals. By doing so, they can create a much more detailed cycle for a successful social media campaign.

The Nine Stages of an SMM Planning Cycle

The SMM Plan comes with nine stages. Each of these stages plays an important role in making your social media campaign work,


The first stage of the Social Media Marketing Planning Cycle is knowing your social media presence. Knowing your social media status helps you plan on what you can do to create better brand awareness. It allows you to see which social media platform will work for your business. It also allows you to see what social media marketing campaign will work out for you.

Making Goals

The next stage that you need to do is set goals. Setting goals will allow you and your SMM planning team to create goals that will benefit your campaign. Setting goals can also help you to work together in creating a realistic campaign. Digital marketing companies like YoyoMedia ensure that they create achievable goals. This way, they can easily create campaigns that work with both the business and audiences.

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The Strategies

Now that the goals are set, then the next stage is the strategies. One of the things that you need to remember is that there are tons of social media marketing strategies. These strategies are not tailored-fit to one campaign. That’s the job of your chosen social media marketing company. They will help you come up with the best marketing strategies that will work for your social media campaign. You may follow the three C’s in the social media marketing or your social media campaign may suggest another one.

Target Audience

The next step of the SMM Planning Cycle is determining the target audience. The target audience plays an important role in raising your social media presence. Knowing the right target audience allows you to understand what kind of content you need for your social media campaigns.

However, you also need to understand that even if you are building your brand name that doesn’t mean it also helps your brand reputation. Building your brand reputation is one of the things which is not part of the social marketing planning cycle. Regardless of how many times you search “Which of the following is not part of the social media marketing planning cycle?” it will always give you this answer.

Building a brand reputation is another thing that you need to discuss after creating a fool-proof social media marketing plan. 

The Tools Needed

Now that we have established some of the strategies and the target audience, the next step is the tools needed. There are various social media marketing tools that you can use. We have backlinking, SEO, hashtags, and keywords. The tools that you need to use in your campaign should base on the SMM strategy that you will be using.

Execution of the SMM Plan

Once everything is set, the next part of the plan is the execution. During this stage, you will be able to see tons of movements on your social media platforms and your website as well. During this time, your SMM planning company will help you find people to help you build your brand name. 


After the execution, the monitoring follows. During this stage, you will be able to track some of the changes on your social media following. You can see the increase and decrease of followers. Are there any engagements between you and your target audience? During the monitoring, it will help you learn whether or not the campaign work. If it didn’t, it allows you to know what went wrong during the social media campaign. 

Fine Tuning

Lastly, fine-tuning the plan. Constantly studying and recreating SMM plans allows you to create better strategies in social media marketing. Many clients would usually give up after the monitoring. However, digital marketing doesn’t work that way. You need to constantly study and understand the trends to create a successful campaign. 

Which of the following is not part of the social media marketing planning cycle?

As mentioned, brand reputation is not included in the social media marketing planning cycle. This is because building a brand reputation would take years to create. For you to do that, you need to create a brand name that people will trust and love. You must be able to successfully run an SMM plan. This way, you can slowly build your brand reputation every time your engagement or brand is recognized.


SMM Planning plays a vital role in creating a successful SMM campaign. It’s a constant trial and error to fully grasp what works and doesn’t work in an SMM campaign. A lot of people tend to consider this investment a waste of time. However, it can change a lot of things in your business. If you happen to be interested in getting successful SMM Plans for your business, make sure to call ssm panel. YoyoMedia is one of the best digital marketing firms that offer effective and successful SMM planning. If you wish to get their service, make sure to check out their website at