Where To Find Drafts On Instagram? A Complete Guide

Instagram allows its users to save a draft of their reels and posts so that they can post them later. But many users who use Instagram may have questions about how to Find drafts on Instagram.

Sometimes people save their pictures and reels in the draft option when they create their stories or post for Instagram in advance. It is very useful if users want to upload their reels with all edits later they want. Plus, many people want to save their reels as a draft because there is no other way to schedule the uploading of a reel on the platform.

If you don't want to spend more money on Instagram, saving a picture or reel as a draft is a good idea. In addition, it is also useful when you have a busy day or commute to work so that you can save your content as a draft and post them later.

How to use drafts to manage your Instagram effectively?

People need to constantly keep sharing great content to get more likes and followers on Instagram. In addition, they should add trending hashtags and catchy captions to reach more audiences on the platform.

Drafts will help you keep pictures safe; later on, you can post them one by one because posting them all at once is never a good idea.

Users can take pictures or make reels in bulk and can edit them.They also don't need to write captions and add hashtags every time they post; they can do it in one go.

How to find drafts on Instagram?

Many users on instagram panels, especially those who are beginners or non-addicted to social media but have a query where is the draft option? Saving in the draft is a little tricky but is not too complicated.

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There are a few easy steps to find a draft:

First, open the Instagram application on the mobile or browser

Click on the + sign to add a new post

Tap on the new post option

After that, click on the menu and select the draft option

After selecting the created saved draft, go for the Next and click on it

Select the option of sharing and uploading the picture or reel as usual

By following these steps, you can easily find the draft on Instagram. Yes, the published picture looks exactly like a regular post. However, according to Instagram, you will be glad to know that it is also a basic post but made in advance.

How to share draft reels on Instagram?

To share a reel saved as a draft, just go to the draft folder and click on the reel you want to share. Then, if necessary, make changes to the post, such as setting the cover image, tagging people, adding captions, etc.

Music users can edit their reels by adding stickers, text on the reel, and filters. Finally, you can see the share button at the bottom to upload the video.

How to find stories which are saved as a draft?

At the top left side, you can see your story option; click on it to get back the draft story. The next step is to click on the button in the bottom corner to see all your previous stories.

If you want to share a story from any of them, you can click on the specific one and share it. Next, tap the X from the left top side to delete and select the option of delete draft.

How to edit the draft picture or reel?

There are some steps to edit the picture that everyone should follow:

To go to the profile, click on the profile picture in the bottom right

Anywhere in the feed, swipe right or press at the top

If you want to edit the reel, go to reels at the screen's bottom and if you want to edit the picture, click on the profile option.

Select the draft of your picture or reel from the camera which you want to edit

There are different filters and options available to edit the post. People can use these options to make their posts more interesting.

How to save the draft reel to the camera roll?

If one has a reel draft and wants to share it on any other social media platform rather than Instagram, one needs to download the reel from the draft. People should follow some simple steps to save a draft reel to the camera roll:

Open Instagram, and by using camera access, upload the reel

There is a sign an arrow next to the record icon click on it

Then click on the save option

How long does an Instagram story draft last?

The story drafts are saved for seven days before they vanish. Another way for managing the post at the most favorable times and story formation flow is to maximize engagement. It may not be a huge change, but it could benefit those looking to take advantage of this platform.

Delete an Instagram draft

When someone determines that they don't post their saved content and that there is no need for an Instagram draft, they can delete the items in this feature. Of course, it depends on an individual to delete or not the item, but in case they need free space in the gallery, delete those items.

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Click on the + icon on the Instagram

Select the draft option and tap on the manage

On the top right side, the edit option is available; touch it

Choose the draft you want to delete and then click on done

At last, tap the discard

If anyone wants to delete all the items on their Instagram, go to the setting option and select the apps. Then, click on the Instagram icon and touch on the remove all cache.

 People should know that Instagram draft is stored in the file manager instead of saved in applications. So if you remove the cache, all the saved drafts will automatically be removed.