How Can Social Media Destroy Stereotypes?

Social media has been breaking stereotypes over the past few years.

Social media platforms were used as outlets for people’s different stereotypes over the years.

A lot of us often ask “How can social media destroy stereotypes brainly.” We often ask websites like Brainly. Although the website may give us an answer there is more to it than meets the eye.

In this essay, we will talk about of how social media can destroy stereotypes. Besides that, there shall be put light on some influencers who have broken the wall of stereotypes in social media?

How can social media destroy stereotypes?

Being able to connect with people with same goal.

One of the ways that social media influencers was able to break several stereotypes is by being able to aggregating people with the same goal. It is because social media’s ability to connect people from different places in the world, they can connect people who have the same feeling when it comes to stereotypes. You will see people comment, share and even like photos, posts and videos about certain stereotypes. The belief of something wrong is going on with the stereotype is strengthened by the same. 

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Like, Share and Comment

SMM panel another way that social media was able to break stereotypes is that people can share their thoughts and opinions on certain topics. They can share some of their ideologies and stand on their stand on stereotypes in terms of gender, gender roles, body images and other social issues. The more people resonate with their belief, the more people resonate with their belief, the more popular and the more known the belief would become.

What are the stereotypes that are often judged on social media?


One of the most talked-about stereotypes in social media is gender roles. Because of our patriarchial society, it was always believed that men are superior to women. It was also believed that men should be provider and stronger than women.

This stereotype has been out ruled by many men in society. This patriarchial belief has been trashed and junked by many influencers. Men and women are equal beings in society. Both should be able to work and do household chores.


Gender is another common stereotype that has been successfully broken by many social media influencers all over the world. Whether we like it or not, there are still tons of countries that remain to be conservative.

However, many members of the LGBTQIA were able to express their freedom to be person that they want to be. Hence, you can see several influencers who have spoken up about how they came out and encourage people who have been in the closet for years to get out and be themselves. They believe that having this stereotype broken in social media is a great way. Believe it or not, a lot of people have found comfort in many social media platforms that advocate gender acceptance.


Another stereotype that has been the talk of the town is body image. Alot of people have certain illusions of women being pretty if they belong to the model body type. However, there are tons of influencers who have spoken their weight and body image.

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These plus-sizeinfluencers believe that there is nothing wrong with being bigger than others. As long as you are comfortable with your skin, then why worry about dieting and going skinny. SakshiSidwani is a plus-size model who has to speak up that there is nothing about being plus-size. With her 150,000 followers, she was able to penetrate this ideology to many of her followers all over the world.

Men’s Fashion and Skincare

These two were considered a taboo in many societies. It is believed that only women are concerned about their faces and body. However, many influencers would swat people for saying that only women are allowed to be concerned with their skin. Tons of Idols and male influencers have openly talked about their skincare routine on the internet.