How To Hide Reels On Facebook With These 5 Amazing Hacks?

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms for sharing pictures and building communication. So many new and exciting features leading to Facebook will help you use this platform for entertainment purposes. It is a new way to use social media to share content and create short videos.

Cultural moment

With the change in time, Facebook has come far for creating and posting videos, such as the option of Facebook reels. It has gained a lot of new audiences that deliver a cultural moment by using amazing effects. Just like photos are posted on Facebook, you can also post reels on your profile.

Options in the reel section

Earlier the reel option was only available on YouTube shorts and TikTok, but now meta has led it n Facebook and Instagram. So you might wonder how the reel section works for creators' contribution to showcasing talent. It consists of music, audio, short videos, AR effects, and applying texts on reel videos.

A photo-video platform

The display of reels is generated on the Facebook news feed, which is represented as a photo-video platform. It is in the news feed section, which can be shared in groups to get high engagement. In terms of adding your favorite interest communities, this platform will help you gain popularity.

Doing videos kapwing

By filming videos and clips, you can also edit through the video kapwing option. It will last 30 seconds by uploading and searching files for compilation. This is best for editing videos by choosing a specific background and using the right dimensions.

Is it possible to stop viewing reels on your Facebook account?

With many different features, over Facebook, one can easily disable and block reels by using a browser version. If the Facebook web browser gets impacted, the displayed reel option will get blocked and disabled on your profile. There is a basic limit for disabling reels on Facebook and knowing How to hide reels on Facebook by clicking on cheapest smm panel india.

How to Remove or Disable Reels on Facebook App in 2022 (Updated!) | Vinron

Steps for disabling reels on Facebook

Now, we will discuss basic and easy steps for disabling reels on Facebook and short videos so that cutting down on Facebook accounts will become convenient. Also, here is a pro tip for you to avoid watching reels by using your Facebook account in a web browser as it will help you to not watch reels whether you are using them on android or iOS devices.

Firstly, open your Facebook account and scroll down until Facebook reels are shown in your account.

Once you have watched Facebook reels, you can see the ellipsis option, which will be generated next to the title of reel videos.

Here you will see a hide option; by clicking on them, Facebook reel videos will get hidden for a limited period.

How is it possible to Autoplay videos by using the Facebook application?

In terms of auto-playing videos, by using the Facebook application, you can disable the features which will save data to ensure that no other videos will be played loud. The first step is to open the Facebook application and tap the menu. After this, you can scroll down to the setting and privacy option, which a never Autoplay video option will generate.

Stop viewing reels on Facebook

Facebook has exciting features that have become exclusive for generating video content on the website. How to hide reels on facebook so that you can stop videos by auto-playing directly from a web browser. When visiting the Facebook site, click on the top right corner of the profile image, where you will get the setting and privacy option. You need to scroll down to click videos by clicking on the setting option. Next, click on the autopay videos where you can click off so that reels will get disappear.

Requirements to know for creating reels

Creating reel videos in the feed section can easily be uploaded within only 30 seconds. This is because there are so many in-app editing features that help in creating reels conveniently. For example, there are different tools such as audio, video length, speed, effects, timer, and green screen.

Audio feature

In the audio feature for creating reels, you can add music of any choice and in any language from the music library. This is best in terms of using audio from reels and recreating steps.

Length of reel video

The length of a reel video is set automatically by default which is 15 seconds and 30 seconds and lasts up to 60 seconds.

Speed and timer

By slowing down the reel videos on the Facebook application, you can slow down the reel and increase its speed by the power of 0.3x, 0.5x to 1x, and increase them, and you can enhance the original speed by 2x and 3x.

For changing the time and setting it, you can record a reel hands-free and use a timer for countdown videos on the Facebook platform.

Using a green screen and applying effects

When you are creating reels for Facebook, then there are multiple options provided for applying effects. For example, using a green screen can add effects and background to the effect library. In the camera roll, you can apply a green screen for which you don't need to buy a green screen for background purposes.

Monetization of reels

Once you have reached a specific audience over Facebook, you can also monetize reels to get money through it. So many small businesses and brands will help you increase monetization on every reel on Facebook. There is a live streaming option and digital gifting for conducting a monetization program on Facebook.


You can also export and download videos from the workspace by using videos. It will furthermore help in publishing Facebook reels directly from the mobile device. It is convenient to hide reels, but with Facebook reels, you can easily earn money as it depends on whether users need to hide reels or not.